Our Family

Ink Pen Mutations group

Ink Pen Mutations is not just a publishing company but a family of unusually talented persons who work together to create beautiful works of art.


Ave Rose

ave rose publisher

Publisher, writer, designer, protagonist, bizarre beauty


Cig Neutron

cig neutron

From Space beyond space, comes a creature of PURE terror! A creature on a raygun rampage whose bloodlust knows NO BOUNDS! The sound of vaporized flesh? Music to his ears. The sight of earthly destruction? His masterpiece. Beware of this thrill-crazed space kid! Specializing in sculpting, special FX, and SCUM.


Christopher Cobb

christopher cobb

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christopher Cobb has always harbored a dangerous passion for the Weird.  His friends will tell you he is either one of two things: hilariously brilliant or completely insane. But never both, not at the same time. He has managed to turn himself into an Outlaw all over California; specifically in the cities of Berkeley, Fremont, Grover Beach and Montrose. But misdemeanors are not felonies, and so, Christopher still has the right to vote, and he exercises it often and with zealous pride.


Rannie Rodil

rannie rodil

A passion for art has been my main driving force for as long as I can remember. I started working with graphic art in ’98, teaching myself how to use Photoshop and Illustrator to compose. After many years of working on various artistic projects, I’ve perfected my craft as a digital designer and photographer. In 2008 I created the Fan Vixen’s Calendar and the Fan Vixen’s entity has grown to be a huge success. I hope you enjoy all my projects and anticipate more of my visual candy. Eat it up, kids! Eat it up!