Living Dolls

Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you can’t play with dolls! This experimental art/poetry book offers fourteen models with their own personal wardrobe. Each doll is beautiful in her own way with a unique sense of style. Accompanying each model are fourteen poetic works by some of LA’s hottest underground poets. Great fun for those into fashion, dolls, and poetry! Designed so you can actually cut out the clothes and dress the paper dolls. Check the images for samples of text and art.

11″x8.5″. 42 pages. Full Color. Photography by Rannie Rodil.

Poems & Dolls:
Dolls From My Past by Ave Rose featuring Rannie Rodil.
Casimer Doll by Blackbird featuring Casimer.
Kalamity’s Grace by Jacob Johanson featuring Kalamity J.
Baby Alive by Brendan Constantine featuring Sunshine.
When the Economy was Booming by Mindy Nettifee featuring Ranila Miyu.
Clothes that fall like Rain when we don’t look by Rafael F. J. Alvarado featuring Tiffany.
Beauty by Theresa Antonia featuring Nikki.
Stellar Death by Jason Neese featuring Autumn.
Sphynx by Sara Idana featuring Sphinx.
Paper Doll by Mike the Poet featuring Lina Huang.
Cut & Paste Letter to a Paper Doll by S.A. Griffin featuring Laura Lopez.
Playscale by Amelie Florence featuring Melissa.
She Never Sleeps by Iris Berry featuring Vima Isabella.
The Battle Scene of the Dolls by Kalamity J featuring Ave Rose.

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